Malgova / Malgoa (5 Kg Per Box)

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Malgova / Malgoa is a classic south Indian variety. Great tasting and grand looking. Our Malgova has consistently won top prizes at All India Mango show. We offer you our sweet, aromatic, premium best quality Malgova at a competitive price delivered direct to your home. 

  • Names: Surprisingly 'Malgova' everywhere with variations like Malgoba or Malgoa
  • Colour: Pulp turns medium yellow once ripened
  • Weight: about 250 to 500 grams per piece
  • Seed: Regular size.
  • Care: Refrigerate only after ripening. Skin starts shrinking once ripened & withstands few days.
  • Referencesமல்கோவா மாம்பழம்சேலத்து மாம்பழம்தித்திக்கும் மாம்பழம்

Salem Malgova will be shipped in raw (unripen, firm and green) condition, so that it can withstand transport vibrations and prevent damage to mangoes. Please refer to instructions in the delivered box on how to identify a mango is ripe and other mango etiquettes.


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Tasted Salem Malgova after a looong time. Good taste.


himampasand is excellent mango. my children loved it.

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