Senthura / Sendura / Senthoora (5 Kg Per Box)

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  • Box contains: 5 KGs
  • Names: Senthura / Sendura / Senthoora
  • Colour: Reddist yellow somewhat similar to Alphonso
  • Weight: About 150 to 250 grams per piece.
  • Seed: Normal
  • Care: Refrigerate only after ripening. 

Sendura will be shipped in raw (unripen, firm and green) condition, so that it can withstand transport vibrations and prevent damage to mangoes. Please refer to instructions in the delivered box on how to identify a mango is ripe and other mango etiquettes.

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Venkat Vemula

Sendoor mango is a good value. Good taste and cheaper than other mangoes. Because of the red coloured skin, it was hard to find whether it is ripe or not. But the instruction with the box was helpful to find ripe mango. Next order send me bigger size mangoes.

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