Neelam / Neelum (5 Kg Per Box)

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  • Box Contains: 5 KG
  • Specialty: Late season mango. Unsung hero, common variety, tastes good and worth trying. Go-to variety for hybrid developers. Neelum is a variety that hybrid developers are mostly interested to pair due to Neelum's ability to yield consistently. For e.g. 'Amrapali' and 'Mallika' are hybrids of 'Neelum' and 'Dasheri',  'Sindhu' is hybrid of 'Ratna' and 'Alphonso', in which 'Ratna' is hybrid of 'Neelum' and 'Alphonso'.
  • Common Issue: Sometimes there might be presense of beetle, inspite of through quality check. We default add 10% extra mangoes when we process Neelum orders. 
  • Colour: Skin and flesh turns yellow once ripened. Skin is dark blue (நீலம்) when raw.
  • Weight: about 200 to 300 grams per piece
  • We dispatch with in 2 to 3 days from the date of order.

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Subodh Joshi

Mango quality is good ,shipping also fast. Thanks for good quality.

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