Alphonso - Grafted Live Sapling (1 g Per Box)

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Enjoy Salem Mangoes from tree(s) planted from your backyard or from your farm. We have been receiving lots of request from our beloved customers for mango tree saplings as well. This is Alphonso tree grafted sapling. Mango tree saplings will be dispatched once every month in the first week for the orders received in the previous month. For e.g. if you order anytime in June, it will be dispatched to you in the first week of July.

Alphonso tree grafted sapling will be dispatched in a specially designed box that will hold the base strong and won't damage the root, stem and leaves, accompanied by instructions on how to plant and taking care of the sapling. We are experts in packing and guarantee fresh and safe delivery or else your money will be returned.

Though our saplings are capable of yielding in the next mango season (depending up on your geographical location, somewhere around March to July), we highly recommend to peel the flowers at flowering season for atleast 3 to 4 years, so that nutrition is absorbed by the tree and tree grows faster. At 5th year after plantation, you should be able to start getting yield. 

Recommended procedures for planing a mango tree sapling:

  • Select an area to grow your mango tree - They prefer direct sunlight, they don’t grow well indoors. They can get quite large, exceeding widths and heights of approximately 10–15 feet for a 15 to 20 year old plant. Therefore, choose an area that will give your tree plenty of space to thrive without being shaded by other larger trees.
  • Preparing the pit for planting. Dig the hole for planting. In your selected plot location, shovel to dig a hole that is 2 X 2 X 2 feet i.e. height, width and length, like a 2 square feet. Pit must be prepared atleast 3 weeks prior to planting the tree. So, if you have ordered a sapling, prepare your pit right away so that let it relaxes for atleast 3 weeks. 
  • Plant the tree. Remove the sapling from the container. Special instructions will be there in our delivery box. The base of the tree should be level with the ground. Replace the soil you have dug out by filling in the hole around the tree and lightly tamping it. Mango trees grow best in loose soil, so avoid applying too much pressure to the plot as you refill the hole.

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