Imam Pasand and Malgova

Imam Pasand & Malgova (combo) (5 Kg Per Box)

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Imam Pasand and Malgova are 2 famous south India varieties. Both tastes delicious. Try both in a combo box.

  • Box contains: 5 KG (Imam Pasand and Malgova)
  • Imam Pasand: 2.5 KG
  • Malgova: 2.5. KG

Imam Pasand and Malgova / Malgoa will be shipped in raw (unripe, firm and green) condition, so that it can withstand transport vibrations and prevent damage to mangoes. Please refer to instructions in the delivered box on how to identify a mango is ripe and other mango etiquettes.

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Jai Sankar

Malgoba and Himam are best mango fruit. Good taste. Malgova is always great. Send ripe mangoes. Can't wait to ripe.


I think imampasand and malgoa are best varieties.

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