Salem Mango Varieties

Fantastic Five (Combo Box-5 Salem Mango Varieties) (5 Kg Per Box)

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This is one of our best seller. Top class premium varieties in one combo box. Alphonso is rich & creamy, Imam Pasand is yummy, Malgova is like palkova and Salem bangalora is like honey. They all lead you to sweetness. Depending on availability and season, combinations will change. Below is the current combination. 

  • Contains: Total 5 KG 
  • Imam Pasand - 1 KG (+/- few grams)
  • Malgova - 1 KG (+/- few grams)
  • Alphonso - 1KG (+/- few grams)
  • Salem Bangalora - 1KG (+/- few grams)
  • Senthura or Nadusalai or Kuthadath - 1 KG (+/- few grams)

Salem Mangoes will be shipped in raw (unripe, firm and green) condition, so that it can withstand transport vibrations and prevent damage to mangoes. Please refer to instructions in the delivered box on how to identify a mango is ripe and other mango etiquettes.

Reviews (Registered users, verified orders)

Haseena Premnath

We ordered 5 variety combo.. It was good and most of the skin of mangoes (malgova & nadusalai) dried up and taste wasn't good. Around 1 Kg got waste!

Inder Bhat

Very nice to taste different varieties all at the same time. My family enjoyed it.

Amirtharaj Ganapathy

Tastes Good :)

Sridevi Raguram

This is a good concept. 5 varieties in 1 order. Most of them were good though some variety we don't know when it was ripe.

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