Our Consulting Services

Mango Orchid Management and Marketing:

We are experienced Salem mango farmers and marketers. We have 100 plus years of collective experience. We come across salem mango orchid owners who does not have enough experience in managing orchid and marketing their mangoes. We offer to help you in this situation by managing your farm and marketing your mangoes. Depending up on agreement between us, we will actively inspect your farm year around, will take necessary precautionary steps for e.g. applying pesticides either conventional or organic, provide irrigation management advices, implement pollination techniques if needed, follow best practices in harvesting, post-harvesting such as treating mangoes, packaging and will market your mangoes.

We market your mangoes via our e-commerce portal reaching out new markets directly to the consumers. Great advantage about this practice is the transparency in pricing. We take a nominal fees for our services to provide you a high return for your investment. By this way you are connected to the consumers directly.

Mango Orchid Establishment:

Up until now, our father A. Jayapal would have consulted to plant several hundred acres of Mango trees. We understand the geographical location, soil conditions, flowering pattern, mango varieties, its potential availability, market potential and advice the right variety of mango tree to be planted that suites your farming and business goals.

We often hear from our customers and contacts that the mango tree that they planted does yield a lot but they don't get good price. This is due to the fact that not all mangoes are same. There are mango varieties that yields a lot, but doesn't get good price and vice versa. Depending up on your business goals and objectives, we advice right mango varieties (Alphonso/Salem Gundu, Imam Pasand, Salem Bangalora, Malgoa, Guthadhaath, Nadusaalai, Sakkarai Kutti, Totapuri, Mallika, Daseri, Kesar, Senthura etc.) for plantation.

Organic Conversion:

Conversion from a conventional mango farming to an organic farming involves changes to practices and adoption to new techniques. These changes are beyond simply not using chemicals and fertilisers. It involves huge change management and practices to nurture mango trees to develop immunity. At this point of time our consulting towards organic conversion are informal, however, we are in the process of documenting the processes so that we can share with our farming partners.

It should also be noted that the conversion involves high business risk since it involves conversion phase. At least the first three years of transition from conventional to organic mango farming should be considered as period of negative return since the mango tree will have no yield or affected yield (plus cost of conversion) when it is in process of developing immunity. Once conversion is successful, there is huge demand for organic mangoes. Please contact us if you would like to part of organic mango farming.