1. Why are Salem Mangoes special?

Salem is naturally gifted by its geographical location surrounded by mountains (note Salem's original name was believed to be Sailam which means a place surrounded by mountains), rich minerals in the soil and good sun light. Mineral contents such as iron ore, bauxite, magnesite in the soil also makes it special. Evidently Salem is surrounded by mining and mineral extraction corporations such as Burn and standard, Steel Plant, MALCO  that affirms rich mineral in the soil. Generally in other places, people are used to few varieties of mangoes. In Salem there are more than 50 varieties such as Salem Bangalora, Alphonsa (Salem Gundu), Imam Pasand, Malgoa, Nadusalai (Pether), Kuthadaath, senthura, Kilimookku, Banganappalli (sappattai), Sarkar Kilimookku (sa na ki na), Neelam, Kal Neelam, Kaalapaadi, Rumani, Sakkarai Kutti, Jahangir, Mallika, Aamini, Amlet, Buddi to name few. Salem Mangoes are also known famously for its extra aroma.

2. When is the mango season in Salem?

Mango season in Salem will start as early as March and will go all the way to July. However peak season is from April to June. 

All premium varieties such as Alphonso, Imam Pasand, Salem Bangalora, Malgoa, Kuthadaath and Nadusaalai will be available during this time, however prices and availability at our website will vary due to demand and supply.

3. Which Salem Mango variety is good?

This is a common question we face. Every Salem Mango is tasty, unique and good in its own way. Each mango has got its own texture, taste, aroma, colour and shape. Salem Bangalora, Imam Pasand, Malgoa, Alphonsa and Nadusaalai (Pether) are largely exported from Salem to other places.

4. How to order Salem Mangoes?

In our website at www.salemmangoes.com, we have listed all the varieties that are available for sales. Register yourself, shop our list of mangoes, add mangoes to cart that you like, view your cart, check out, provide delivery address and pay. We will do home delivery of your order via our affiliated courier service company.

5. How do we pay for our orders?

The final step of your order process is payment. We use PayUMoney, PayTM and PayPal (coming soon) as our payment gateway. These payment gateways accepts most of the credit cards, debit cards and net banking payments. Based on your selection, once you click "Place Your Order", you will be taken to one of these payment gateway site to process payments. Once payment is processed you will land back at our website. Please do not close your window up until you land back at our website.

6. I am living abroad. Can I get mangoes delivered to me?

Currently we deliver only with in India. We are working to export Salem Mangoes to United States and we anticipate that Salem Mangoes will be available to our US cusotmers in 2019. Though we do not deliver outside India, you may order to an Indian location and carry it with you abroad. Of course, you must check respective countries rules and regulations to see whether you can carry Indian Mangoes with you. We hear from our customers that they took Salem Mangoes with them when they visit their family and friends abroad. Please note that we do very good package of mangoes, so that it can withstand a long journey.

7. How do you ship our orders?

We use courier services to home deliver your orders.

8. How long it will take to receive mango delivery once we order?

Most of the time, we dispatch mangoes to courier company the same or next day of your order. It takes 2 to 5 business days to door deliver it to your location.

9. At what condition mangoes are shipped?

Mangoes are delicate fruit. We ship mangoes in raw (un ripened, firm and green) condition, so that it can withstand transport vibrations and prevent injury to mangoes. We request our customers to consume mangoes at ripened condition. We will provide instructions along with our package which describes how to identify a mango is ripe.

10. Is our mangoes organic?

Pre-harvest and post-harvest are 2 major phases that determines an organic mango. Within pre-harvest phase there are 3 components i.e. water, soil & external inputs that determines an organic mango. In our farms we use natural components in water and soil such as compost and manure. For pesticide we use natural products such as neem oil, however, sometimes we face situations where a small dose of pesticide becomes necessary. In such case in an unavoidable situation, we may use small doses of pesticides if natural pesticides didn't help.

In post-harvest phase, we 100% DO NOT use carbide for mangoes ripening

11. I don't see a variety I'm looking for. What should I do?

Please send us an email or call us. If available in our farm or at a partner farm, we will get it for you.

12. How long it will take to dispatch orders?

We dispatch online orders on a daily basis with 8 PM cut off time. Orders received before 8 PM that day will be dispatched to our courier service providers the same business day. In some rare instances there may exceptions.

13. How can I track my order?

Once you make the order, we will send you invoice right away to your email. Once we ship your order, we will send you tracking number of the shipment. You can use this tracking number at respective courier's website to track your shipment.

14. What are the places you deliver?

Right now we offer delivery with no shipping charges all over Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Bangalore City. We do also offer delivery to Tiruvananthapuram, Mysore, Hyderabad and Chittoor at a nominal fee. If you would like to find out whether we offer delivery at a particaul location, at each product details we have provided a PIN verification where you can enter your PIN code to see whether we offer delivery at that location. If you do not find your PIN location in our service database, we recommend you to call or contact us. We will find out to see whether we can make special arrangements to delivery delicious Salem Mangoes to you.

15. Now I received mangoes delivery. What are the instructions that I need to follow?

By that time mangoes reaches your location, most likely they are not in ripe condition since we ship them raw. First we recommend to open the box and check the condition of the mangoes to see whether it is in ripe or not (please see "How to identify whether a mango is ripened or not" section). Depending on the condition, if you would like your mangoes to ripe in an expedited way, put back the hay, cover the box and check back next day. Continue this until your mango is ripe. If you would like mangoes not to ripe quickly, you may take the mangoes out of the hay and box, keep in an open indoor air circulated non-air conditioned (a/c) area,  it relatively slows down ripening process. You may also keep half of the mangoes inside the box and half outside to consume them in a prolonged period. Do not refrigerate mangoes until it is ripe. 

16. Can I refrigerate mangoes?

Yes, you can refrigerate mangoes ONCE IT IS RIPE. Before ripening, DO NOT refrigerate. Mangoes need natural warm condition to ripe. If you keep mangoes in the fridge before it is ripe, it halts the ripening processes and may not recover to ripe again.


17. How to identify whether a mango is ripe?

Generally a ripened mango will have a nice aroma, become soft, skin colour will change from green to yellow to thick yellow and the skin will start wrinkling as it progresses ripening.  Colour of the mango is not a best indicator of ripeness. A ripened mango will be soft to the touch. You may slightly press and a ripe mango will give slightly.  More the softness the more it is ripe. However do not press too hard or too much since it will spoil the texture and become saggy.

18. How to cut a mango?

The best way to eat a mango is to wash, peel and eat in bare hands :)

If you wish to cut, use a sharp knife, DO NOT cut too close to the seed because the portion near the seed tends to be sour. Make a vertical cut at the center of the body of the mango, identify the location of the seed and slice from the top leaving a thin layer around the seed.